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Curriculum 2021

Our new curriculum is in development and will be unique to the children at our school...Updates will appear as we develop Heron Way's Curriculum 2021!



Our curriculum at Heron Way uses well thought out and planned learning experiences, encouraging our children to grasp well-chosen knowledge that is built on over time. We have developed a curriculum that challenges the children to transfer their knowledge and skills across different disciplines and concepts. Within our curriculum we ensure that the children have the opportunity to analyse, evaluate, problem solve and be creative. We ensure these key skills are interwoven with the knowledge to ensure that the children make sustained progress. Our curriculum empowers children with the knowledge they are entitled to and is structured in such a way that it makes remembering inevitable. The curriculum references to previously studied content and then builds on and develops this previous learning, as well as strengthening the ability to remember.

We extend beyond the academic, technical and vocational aspects of our curriculum; nurturing children to personally develop in many diverse aspects of life.


We have a curriculum that children cannot help but remember. We have a very strong belief that:

  • Knowledge is important to all thinking
  • We understand new things in relation to what we already know
  • Retrieving knowledge helps us to remember it for longer

We ensure that our teaching commits learning to long-term memory. Our knowledge maps ensure that children remember key concepts by revisiting them through their curricular journey at Heron Way. Our curriculum works on the idea that factual knowledge precedes skill. Children need factual knowledge on which to base their inquiring, evaluative and exploratory approaches. Skills are therefore developed and emerge from a body of knowledge. 

Here is an example of how we build knowledge through our science curriculum - Heron Way Knowledge Builder - Animals Including Humans (Science)

Here is an example of how skills will be built in History (This will be alongside a comprehensive knowledge builder) - Heron Way Skills Builder - (History) 

Here is an example of how we build knowledge through our geography curriculum - Heron Way Knowledge Builder - Angry Earth (Geography)