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Our School Aims, Ethos and Values

We inspire, excite and challenge. Together we will learn how to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

The vision for Heron Way Primary School reflects a passion and commitment to learning throughout the school, irrespective of ability. This is driven by our desire to offer the best possible education for all our learners in partnership with parents, governors and the local community.


Our school values are fundamental expressions of what we think and believe.  Each of our school values is linked to our aims.

 We nurture and support all of our learners, so that they will:

We aim that all learners will:

Be prepared to have a go

= Risk-Takers

Be confident, safe, caring and happy individuals

= Independence

Be willing to share knowledge, skills and experiences

= Teamwork

Be happy to learn new things

= Spirituality

Be able to leap barriers

= Creativity

Be the best that you can be

= Aspiration