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Eco Council

Our role as Heron Way Eco-Council is to inform the rest of the school of current environmental issues and promote waste reduction both at school and in the home. We meet every month and focus on a range of different themes which include litter, waste, healthy living and biodiversity. “We like to keep the school tidy, save electricity and learn about how to reduce waste”. Eco-council representatives ensure that class recycling bins are being used, lights and interactive whiteboards are turned off when not in use and are also involved in numerous activities including regular recycled clothes collections. The Eco-Council hold assemblies for the whole school to share with them current information on these environmental issues. “We even have our own mascot….Captain Busta!”

Here is what some of our members say:

  • “I like helping the school.” Danny “I like helping look after our environment”. Lucy “I like the outdoors & I like to keep it safe”. Thomas “I love saving energy around the school”. Wadi
  • “We do different things to help the school each meeting”. Alice